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  • STOP: In case you think all WMS systems are the same.

    The general thinking of people in and around the food manufacturing and distribution industry is that “it’s all cases and pallets” and that the food industry is not worthy of niche, purpose-built software. AFS has made a living for 35 years selling to food distributors, and this thinking is a gross oversimplification of the food distribution industry. 

    Our area of expertise is in the distributor segment, which is vastly different from top to bottom from manufacturer operations. Within distribution there are significant differences in sub-segments such as foodservice (chain vs street – full line and broad line), wholesale grocery (retail, C Store), Specialty (various gourmet) and processors (meat, poultry, seafood, produce). Each of these sub-segments has significant differences in the product mix, size of orders, packaging, re-packaging, vendor relations, etc. Of course, they are only compounded by industry differences such as perishability and rotational concerns, food safety initiatives, GS1 compliance. This is merely a small list of industry specific concerns that a WMS that serves the distributor segment needs to address.

    We also don’t deal with just cases and pallets; our customers have multiple units of measure for the same items with complex inventory challenges. They might ship the very same products by the pallet, case (by volume or weight), pound, random weight. Pallets are built with rules that deal with stack-ability, hazmat concerns, multiple temperature zones, mixed pallets with items of various size from 1oz spice jars to 50lb sacks of rice. Items could be fresh today and transferred to a frozen item tomorrow. Tracking at unit level is needed to manage extensive recall requirements and dealing with product grading, gassing and ripeness levels.

    In this Distribution Management Systems business unit of AFS Technologies, 90% of our partners are your peers in our industry who we have been serving for the last 31 years.

    Top 10 features in AFS WMS. (Click Bold Text)

    1. On demand replenishments for dedicated and non-dedicated pick slots.
    2. Highly configurable for system directed work such as put-away and order selection.
    3. Integrated 3PL billing and invoices, customer web portal and unique product by customer.
    4. Integrated Labor Management System (LMS).
    5. Lot traceability, including system generated receiving lots and tracking attributes to the order product lot for food safety compliance like country of origin and harvest locations.
    6. Unlimited QA checklist based on criteria available via web and configurable status.
    7. Track weights for inbound, catch weights and single weight across multiple UOM with various sizes and shapes, weights, temperature controls.
    8. PTI compliance, GS1-128 GTIN compliance and voice box codes
    9. Web Load Planning and Appointment Scheduling.
    10. Prompt pickers for opportunity cycle counting.
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  • Satisfied Customer Case Studies

  • 100%

    Order Fulfillment and
    Inventory Accuracy

  • >25%

    Productivity Gains in
    Inbound, Put-away, 
    Replenishment, Receiving

  • 35%-65%

    Increased labor efficiency
    Labor savings